Color Coding

Updated 03/07/17

     You will notice all throughout the Seventh Millennium book and in this site, that certain verse references, words, and numbers have been color-coded. The reason for such is to help the reader recognize biblical chronology in a more excellent way. In other words, many of the key elements that pertain to certain events that appear to happen within certain prophetic time periods will be color-coded the same. In like manner things like groups of people and degrees of judgment have also been assigned their particular color(s). So as you are about to see this is a very simple way to assign chronology to events, groups of people, and time periods in the Bible. These colors will for the most part attempt to stay in-tune with biblical typologies.


     An example of this system would be whenever a prophesy mentions God, or those who are changed into the very image and likeness of God, you may see it appear as gold colored text for incorruptible. The Holy Spirit, the Word, the Body of Christ, and 60-fold examples are all colored silver for redemption. The Church as a whole, or those just "born-again" (30-folders) are usually colored purple to represent royalty/priestly. Although, "the False Prophet" (the Pope: the religious leader of the end-time multinational beast confederacy with 10-horns) and the whorish church system, are seen as anti-types of the true Church. As such, when shown in that capacity these are also assigned the color purple (see link).


     Additionally, times of lesser judgment are colored brass, and bold black is used to represent the time of Great Tribulation, which technically begins after what the Bible calls "midnight." The color brown represents carnality and sin and that which is of the earth (earthly). These colors are used extensively in the time lines found within Seventh Millennium Its Prophecies And Beyond book to depict the different degrees of judgment that God is bringing upon the world and the Church. These degrees of judgment are colored in chronological order as such: "wars and rumors of wars" (a forty year time of testing which has already come to an end); "Midnight" (when the woman travails and Christ delays His secret coming); "The Great Tribulation" (42-months/1,260-days: Mat 24:7-28; Rev 11:2); "The Indignation," which extends to 1,290-days (43rd month) past the start of the 1,260-days as shown in Daniel 12:11, Matthew 24:29, Isaiah 26:20, and finally the time of "GOD'S fierce wrath," which extends to the 1,335-days (the 44.5th month), as shown in places like Daniel 12:12 and Revelation 19:15 (Armageddon). Green colored text represents either the Hebrew or Greek text of the original languages, and or newness of life; inception.


     Each of these time periods are more than adequately explained in the site-based and downloadable files. Particularly though in The Seventh Millennium... download book file, which again I highly recommend you read first.