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Updated: 02/20/19 Download PDF The Seventh Millennium Book
Updated: 06/30/20 Download PDF Revelation's Chronology
Updated: 04/22/15 Download PDF The Travail of The Wise Virgins
Updated: 04/22/15 Download PDF The LORD Will Withdraw Himself
Updated: 01/22/19 Download PDF The Millennial Church
Updated: 02/12/18 Download PDF The Time of Jacob's Trouble
Updated: 02/09/20 Download PDF Types & Shadows
Updated: 03/30/14 Download PDF Dispensations Chart
Updated: 01/04/11 Download PDF Christian Maturity Chart
Updated: 09/22/18 Download PDF The Little Horn
Updated: 11/12/11 Download PDF The keeping of Time
Updated: 04/08/19 Download PDF The 70-Week Prophecy
Updated: 01/06/19 Download PDF Daniel's Seventieth Week
Updated: 02/21/18 Download PDF Babylon, Gog, Armies in Heaven
Updated: 03/09/17 Download PDF End-Time timeline
Updated: 02/12/18 Download PDF War in Heaven
Updated: 11/27/10 Download PDF 1830 Rapture Vision
Updated: 01/21/14 Download PDF Great Tribulation Time-lines
Updated: 07/27/11 Download PDF Dumitru Duduman warning 1984
Updated: 03/07/17 Download PDF Duduman warning (Taiwan & WAR!)
Updated: 03/28/18 Download PDF The Two Judgment Seats
Updated: 12/23/18 Download PDF Messiah be cut off...
Updated: 12/28/19 Download PDF The Soul of Man
Updated: 12/28/19 Download PDF The Triune Man?
Updated: 01/05/20 Download PDF The Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
Updated: 03/11/20 Download PDF Printable Rapture? pamphlet




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     The main purpose for this site is to supply Christians with the word that is contained within The Seventh Millennium book file. Ideally, one should read the book first or everything else in this site may appear to the reader as post-doctrinal resources, which they primarily are. Moreover, a knowledge of the Types & Shadows as found in the Bible is essential before the reader can fully comprehend the teachings within the book and this site. As such, you will find both site-based and downloadable Type & Shadow charts and files on this page. These charts will hopefully help to increase your understanding of the principles and terminologies used within the symbolic language of the Bible.