Resurrection Chronology

Updated 04/18/14


His Resurrection
"The First of many brethren to come"

(Approximately. 29.5 AD)

     This resurrection speaks of Jesus resurrecting after the crucifixion. This is made plainly evident by the verbiage itself: His resurrection. Jesus was THEE first ripe fruit of the Earth. Therefore, since Jesus "is the resurrection," we must say then to resurrect, would be to come forth in the image and likeness of Jesus/Yeshua. As for counting time prophetically, this resurrection initiates day one of the prophecy found in Hosea 6:2: "After two days [two thousand yrs] will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up [bring us into perfection], and we shall live in his sight."

The "First" Resurrection
A "Better" Resurrection
"Fulness of Christ" Eph 4:13
MT Zion Realm

(Judgment Seat of Christ: 2-Tim 4:1)

     These resurrections are all one in the same. They speak of the first-fruits of God's creatures (James 1:18), not second or third fruiters! These ones will rule & reign for a complete 1000-years, not 100, 500, or even 999 years. These are they who secured a martyr's crown before the seventh millennium began; having died in service or complete surrender to the LORD. These are those mentioned in 1-Thessalonians 4:16 as, "the dead in Christ," (the fulness of Christ Eph 4:13) vs. those mentioned earlier in 1-Thessalonians 4:14 as, "those which sleep in Jesus" who it says "GOD" will bring with Him, which is at the time of the White Throne Judgment (Rev 21:3). These are also the first to rise from the dead when the "last trump" begins to sound (1-Cor 15:52), which is described in Rev 10 as the time when "the mystery of GOD should be finished." This resurrection does not happen at the beginning of the 42-months, it happens as Jesus returns with these overcomers who have been "called, and chosen, and faithful" to fight Armageddon (Rev 17:14). Not every Christian was "faithful" in their calling. Furthermore, to gradually include other departed brethren throughout the seventh millennium in this first resurrection as some like to do, is to deny there is even such a thing as "a better" or a "first resurrection!"

The "Mystery" Resurrection
Jerusalem Realm

(Throughout the 1000-yrs)

     Again, there are many mysteries described in the Bible, like the one you just read about described in the "first resurrection section. That resurrection speaks of the present condition of "Christ within, the HOPE of glory" (Col 1:27). Whereas this "mystery" speaks of some not having to die before they receive their "change." This is the resurrection takes place all throughout the seventh millennium, but it's not for the dead, it's for the living. It involves those just "changed in the twinkling of an eye," as they submit to the total incorporation of their souls by the Spirit of God. It seems this process of transformation may slow down a bit as the end of the next age draws to a close. We know this because the Bible says Satan finds sinners on the Earth as the sand of the seas once he is loosed.

Resurrection of "The Just"
The Resurrection
Resurrection of "the Dead"
Resurrection at the "Last Day"

(The Fourth-Day resurrection)

     These resurrections refer to the start of the common resurrection of the remaining dead at the time of the White Throne Judgment. At which time marginal Christians who died short of any real deliverance (yet being saved as by fire), will be judged for rewards sake according to their works. This is when "those that sleep in Jesus" (whom the Bible says, "GOD Himself" shall bring, not Christ Yeshua) come forth. This is also the time when apostate Christians (who will have been in the place of death and Hell) will be brought forth and judged. This "small & great" resurrection (at least for the Christian) is shown in type by the story of Lazarus being resurrected purposely "on the fourth day" when it could have been sooner. Remember, Lazarus came out "bound" (still in bondage) hand and foot (his works & walk), but was loosed! This resurrection is also for the Christian who had to "abide outside the camp for seven days" as seen in the ordinance of purification by separation in Numbers 31:19-24. Yet any Christian that went as far as to forsake their salvation, will not be so blessed. Categorically, these resurrection references emphasize more the fact that "at the last day" of the seventh millennium, all the remaining "dead" are going to resurrect and be judged accordingly.

Into the Lake of Fire

(The dammed: the sea, death, & hell)

     This resurrection also speaks for itself. This is the last resurrection when the sea, death, and hell, all give up their dead. Most of those who resurrect from these groups are going to experience "the second death!" This will also be by far the largest of the resurrections ("broad is the way that leaded to destruction…"). I personally believe those in the sea (a type of the nations), could in part represent unrepentant souls who were never born into this world. Like the souls of aborted babies, stillborns, miscarriages, etc. These too must be given the choice at some point to receive "the blood," for they too possess the adamic DNA. The symbolic foundation for this belief is found in Genesis 1, when it says God made the sea [a repository for mens' souls] and then formed the "dry land" out of that sea. For we know mans' flesh was then formed from the dry land that came out of the sea. Whereas "Death" I believe, is the place of the dead who did not hear or get to decide one way or the other to receive Yeshua. These would include (post resurrection) the mentally retarded, the isolated, the deaf, etc. The end of this last resurrection will allow for the new creation/new beginning/eighth millennium to come forth. For there shall be without a doubt, no more death, sorrow, or pain, after this point in time!