The Time of Jacob's Troubles

Updated 10/20/10


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Matthew 24:7-31

     The time periods represented on this chart reveal the three (actually four) distinct periods of increasing judgment that the Bible tells us shall come upon the earth during the last days of the sixth millennium; the end of the symbolic "sixth day." These periods involve what is called "Midnight," "The Great Tribulation," "The Indignation"/"The Lambs wrath," and finally "The Fierce Wrath of GOD"/ the "Winepress," or "Armageddon." As you study the limited sampling of verses listed for each period you will see how the first two time periods of judgment (midnight & the 42-months/the great tribulation) actually begin more as a direct result of "man’s aggression " against his fellow man, not GOD’S. However, the last two time periods shown on this page will directly involve GOD’S judgment of wrath upon mankind.


     The 42-months shown above are basically understood and accepted by many Christians as what is commonly referred to as "the tribulation," but if one wants to be "biblically correct," it should be called "the Great Tribulation," which is only part of "the Time of Jacob’s Trouble." Strangely enough, most Christians also believe this period will be a "7-year" tribulation period vs. the 42-months (1,260-days/time, times, and one half) spoken of in Daniel 7:25, 12:7, and Revelation 11:2, 12:14. Furthermore, Daniel and the gospel of Matthew shows us there are two other distinct periods that will follow or continue on "immediately after" the 42-months, as described in Daniel 12:11-12 and in Matthew 24:21-29. Please read "The Seventh Millennium Its Prophecies And Beyond" book for a more complete understanding of these time periods. Additionally, part of the reason why "2008" is used on this time-line can be found on the following link.